Terms and Conditions

Address France Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions will be effective for all customers as of November 1st, 2021.


The website https://www.ubidoca.com/ is owned by UBIDOCA Company.

The company UBIDOCA (hereafter UBIDOCA) is specialized in the reception, forwarding and scan of postal mail and parcels.

UBIDOCA offers its services exclusively via the Internet network.

UBIDOCA is a registered trademark of the INPI, the French National Institute of Industrial Property.

1. Definitions

The names used in these Terms and Conditions meet the following definitions:

2. Applicability

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the website https://www.ubidoca.com/, as well as the services offered by UBIDOCA. They shall apply to any user of the website https://www.ubidoca.com/.

These Terms and Conditions are valid from 2016. This edition cancels and replaces all previous versions.

Article 1. Conclusion of the contract

1.1. Territoriality

The services provided by UBIDOCA can only be contracted via Internet on the website https://www.ubidoca.com/.

Therefore, any person domiciled in France or outside the French territory may contract with UBIDOCA, subject to the application of differentiated postal rates.

Users of https://www.ubidoca.com/ declare that they acknowledge the Internet capabilities and its limitations, including its functional and technical performance characteristics, namely the risks of interruption, the variation of response time needed to consult, query or transfer information, and any other kind of risk inherent to any connection on the web.

1.2. Ability to contract

Pursuant to article 1146 of the Civil Code, you (= the customer) declare that you have the capacity to contract under the conditions described below, i.e. that you are an emancipated minor or having the French legal majority (18 years old) and not being protected within the meaning of Article 488 of the French Civil Code.

You guarantee the truth and exactitude of the information provided to any UBIDOCA service.

1.3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

You declare that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions when registering on https://www.ubidoca.com/ by checking the box “I have read and accept UBIDOCA Terms and Conditions”.

The registration constitutes acceptance without any reservation of the present Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Formalization of contract

1.4.1. The principle

As soon as your registration is complete, you receive a validation email. This email forms the sales contract between UBIDOCA and you.

UBIDOCA reserves the right to refuse providing a service ordered and / or paid online, without having to justify it, in the event of a clear breach of moral order or public order as defined by French law. In this case, the credit you have paid will be refunded to you within 8 working days of UBIDOCA's observation of the aforementioned infringement(s).

1.4.2. Free Trial

The free trial offer includes free scanning and uploading in your Customer Space of 10 pages of mail or 10 envelopes or a combination of the 2. In order to test our services, you may send yourself mail or envelopes. Under no circumstances this offer could include 10 pages of mail or 10 envelopes that you received from your correspondents.

You can ask us to destroy these test pages once scanned or to return them by mail in the stamped envelope that you will have provided us with the test mail.

This free trial is non-binding.

1.4.3. The welcome offer

The welcome offer consists of free online posting in your Customer Space of 10 pages of scanned mail or 10 scanned envelopes or a combination of the two within the 10 scanned pages limitation.

Since scanned pages can only be consulted in their entirety, therefore, if the number of pages of your welcome offer is less than the number of pages of your scanned mail, you will not be able to view it unless you credit your account accordingly.

UBIDOCA reserves the right to refuse this offer without justification in case of manifest violation of moral or public order, in the case of suspicion of fraud or attempted fraud on the Internet, or Infringement of French legislation

The welcome offer does not apply to online gaming and betting mail (these will be scanned and deducted from the monthly quota of pages included in the customer's package or charged per unit if the customer did not subscribe to a package).

The welcome offer is suppressed when the customer's account has an overdraft (particularly when the customer has not paid for their package, any payable options, or mail or parcel storages).

The Welcome offer does not apply for the "No package" monthly plan

1.4.4. Electronic signature

Any ordering for a service offered on the site https://www.ubidoca.com/ assumes the consultation and the express acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions by the customer. However, this acceptance is not conditioned by a handwritten signature on your part.

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 1316 to 1316-4 of the Civil Code, supplemented by Decree No. 2001-272 of 30 March 2001, adopted for the application of Article 1316-4 of the Civil Code and relating to electronic signature, It is recalled that the validation of your order constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature and is proof of the entirety of the order and the chargeability of the sums due in execution of the said command.

1.4.5. Evidence

It is expressly agreed that, unless you bring proof of a manifest error, the data kept in the information system of https://www.ubidoca.com/ have probative force concerning the purchased orders.

The data retained by UBIDOCA over electronic or computerized support constitutes proof. If UBIDOCA files them during in any legal dispute or other proceedings as evidence, they shall be admissible, valid and enforceable between the parties in the same manner, in the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document which is established, received or retained of a physical support

Article 2. Services offered by UBIDOCA

The services offered by UBIDOCA can be found at https://www.ubidoca.com/services-office-france.php.

All rates are shown on our page https://www.ubidoca.com/office-france-cost.php.

2.1. Information relative to all services

As UBIDOCA does not report your mail directly to your mailbox, it is up to you to arrange for it to be redirected to UBIDOCA.

You have 2 options to send us your mail:

Your UBIDOCA address is communicated to you by email when you register. It is written as follows:
Mr or Mrs or Company
78 allée primavera
UBIDOCA Center 99990
74370 ANNECY

The mention "Center UBIDOCA + customer number" is mandatory. Otherwise, your couriers and parcels can not be identified as to be distributed to our address by the Post Office. In addition, the mention "Center UBIDOCA" differentiates your UBIDOCA address from your tax home. Indeed, in accordance with French law which prohibits the registered address of natural persons, your UBIDOCA address does not constitute your tax home. In fact, UBIDOCA can only issue certificates of registered postal address and not proof of address. The issue of a certificate of registered postal address or a certificate of registered company address is payable (cost: 5 Credits + postal charges).

If couriers or parcels are sent to you without the mention "Center UBIDOCA + customer number", a fee will be charged (2 Credits per mail or per parcel). If the absence of this mention is recurrent and / or deliberately omitted, UBIDOCA reserves the right to close your account.

Your Ubidoca address is only a mailing address. As a result, you can not use it to have a passport, identity card, resident card, registration card or green insurance card issued, to open a bank account (in a local branch or online) and have banking instruments (credit card, checkbook, checkbook, etc.) to apply for a loan or credit with a bank or financial the benefit of social assistance paid by the State or any affiliated body (public or private). Random checks of your mail can be made by the Management of Ubidoca in case of suspicion of fraudulent / unauthorized use of your Ubidoca address. A management fee (15 €) will be charged each time we have to write and send a mail to the administration or the organization concerned by the illegal use of our Ubidoca address.

The mailing address we provide you can not be used on online betting sites (PMU, French Games, Betclic, Winamax, Unibet, etc.). It can not be used to open a Nickel account in a tobacconist.

In order for UBIDOCA to receive your registered mail, you must first fill out the postal authorization form (form 776) sent to you by email when you register and send it to us by email or by post accompanied by a copy of both sides of your identity card (valid). Otherwise, your registered mail will be refused and returned to the sender. Management fees for "refusal of registered mail" will be charged (2 Credits by registered mail refused). In case of refusal of registered mail, Ubidoca is not aware of the name of the sender of the mail.

2.2. Scanning your mail

UBIDOCA scans your mail, except for advertisements, books and magazines (unless otherwise expressly requested).

mail of + 15 pages are not scanned (unless you request otherwise). Only the first page or introductory mail is scanned.

Scanning is limited, by default, to 96 DPI. Mail scan in superior resolution is possible on request, and at an additional cost (see our services on request). Lower scanning is also possible on demand (no increase or cost reduction).

Documents with a size larger than A4 are not scanned. In this case, an email is sent to inform you of the non-scanning of the document.

A double-sided mail is counted as a 2-page mail (= 2 units). Traditionally redundant pages are not scanned (for example: back of bank statements or reverse of telephone operator invoices).

2.3. The forwarding of your mail

Regardless of the treatment method chosen (Mail Scan / Envelope Scan / Simple forwarding) your mail is received by Ubidoca, processed and then stored pending your next scheduled complete mail forward.

You are notified by email each time we receive a mail for you; you are informed of the number of mail received, possibly the title of the magazine, or if the mail received is a registered mail.

Your mail are then sent back to you in bulk (in a large envelope) according to the periodicity you have chosen: once a month, every 15 days, once a week or every day (working days), unless you have chosen a Mail storage option, or a monthly Destruction option.

Shipping fees (by post or carrier) are not included in the monthly plan as they vary depending on the weight, destination and shipping format of your mail.

This provision for postage costs works like an exhaustible credit: if it is not used in full for the current month, the balance is used the following month, etc ...

2.3.1. The principle

Our premises are not accessible to the public for reasons of confidentiality and security. You can not come and collect your mail or have it picked up by a third party unless authorized by the managment after examination of your situation.

The return of your original mail is processed at least once a month on the anniversary date of your registration, regardless of the monthly plan and the mail treatment chosen.

If you do not wish to receive your mail each month, you must choose our Mail storage option. The price of this option varies according to the monthly plan chosen, corresponding to the volume of mail potentially received. Above 10kg of mail stored, an exceptionnal billing takes place.

If your mail can not be forwarded to you 15 days after the end of a month of storage (due to debit balance / insufficient to cover the costs of forwarding, because of absence of forwarding address). You will be charged for "Unplanned Storages" until your situation is regularized.

If you do not wish to receive your mail every month and the Mail storage option does not suits your needs, UBIDOCA can destroy your original mail. You can then select the option Monthly Destruction of your mail: your mail will be archived for one (1) month and after this period, they will be systematically destroyed (without any prior notice). When you subscribe to the Monthly Mail Destruction option or when you request the selective destruction of a document from your Customer space, this constitutes your express authorization for Ubidoca to proceed with the destruction of all or part of your mail.

Important note : In the case of a request for selective destruction of an envelope from your Customer space, all the mail contained is also destroyed.

It is up to you to properly evaluate the consequences of such a destruction. UBIDOCA can not be held responsible if a document destroyed with your authorization was subsequently claimed by the administration or any other body in order to assert your rights.

2.3.2. Practical arrangements

The original mail are redirected by the Post office in green mail rate. If you want another way of transportation (priority rate, mail followed, sending by registered mail, sending by private carrier, etc.), you must ask us by email.

Shipping costs are not included in the packages as they vary depending on the weight, destination and mailing format.

Your original mail is redirected to you as UBIDOCA has received it, that is, in its original envelope or under plastic when it has not been opened.

You must provide us with a return address when you register or, at the latest, 30 days after your registration. Otherwise, you will be charged for the month due for "Unplanned custody" and the sending of your mail will be postponed.

You can change your forwarding address at any time in your Customer Space at no additional charge. As soon as you change it, it immediately replaces your old address.

2.4. Other services

2.4.1. Reception and forwarding of parcels

The return of parcels is subject to several conditions:

If at the reception of your parcel, one of these conditions is not fulfilled, you will be charged a storage fee. Beyond 1 month of storage and without payment or special instructions from you, the parcel will be returned to the sender with the mention NPAI and without new postage, or destroyed if it can not be returned to the sender (case parcel delivered by private carrier).

Packages are not opened and are returned as is to the address indicated in your Customer Space. It is your responsibility to ensure that an invoice is accessible by customs without opening the parcel. Otherwise, our staff reserves the right to open your parcel to allow us to make a customs declaration in accordance with the regulations.

If Ubidoca has to re-pack your parcel (damaged packaging, non-reusable packaging, etc.) so that it can be accepted by the postal services, you will be charged a repackaging fee.

If you want to combine several parcels into one, you must send us an email request before receiving the first parcel (cost: 1 reception/forwarding of a parcel according to its size and volume). If Ubidoca has to store several parcels to group before sending, you will be charged a storage fee (from 1.20 euros per parcel and per week).

By default, the parcels are shipped in international Colissimo (recommendation rate R1) upon reception and to the address indicated in your Customer Space (provided that your Ubidoca balance is sufficient to cover all shipping costs). If your balance is insufficient, storage fees will be charged (1.20 euros per week and per parcel). If you want another shipping method (in economic parcels, with a higher referral rate or via a private carrier), simply contact our Customer Service by email and indicate your shipping preferences before we receive your package. Additional costs may be charged in the case of delivery to a relay point (travel costs).

If upon reception of your package, customs fees or taxes are to be paid, your Ubidoca account must be sufficiently fueled to cover them in full. Otherwise, your package will be refused (Ubidoca not credit).

Shipping costs of your parcels are payable in advance. No credit is granted by Ubidoca.

In case of refusal of package (on your request), you are charged. If we receive a package before your request for refusal, said package will be returned to you at your expense without possible dispute or returned to the sender on your request (if free return is possible).

2.4.2. Payment of invoices

We can pay your bills on the basis of original mail in our possession (or email that you have sent us by email).

We then charge your UBIDOCA account for the amount of the invoice to be paid and you charge the UBIDOCA service (which is either included in your package or charged extra) and 1.6% of the invoice amount.

If your UBIDOCA account does not cover all of these fees, your bill payment will be put on hold until you receive your payment.

In order to pay your bills, your UBIDOCA account must be supplied exclusively by bank transfer. Failure to comply with this condition, UBIDOCA can not be held responsible for any delay in payment.

2.4.3. The Registered Bussiness Address

We can domiciliate your company (created or to be created).

The registered company address requires the constitution of a preliminary file including:

These documents must be sent to UBIDOCA as soon as possible by post or email to: Business Customers. Otherwise, the registration cannot be validated by UBIDOCA.

If you have carried out the formalities of establishment or transfer of registered office without having communicated the above-mentioned documents to UBIDOCA, UBIDOCA reserves the right to denounce the registered address thus effected with the competent authorities.

If UBIDOCA carries out for you all or part of the formalities required to create or transfer your company's registered office, you must first sign a signed and dated estimate to be returned to us, accompanied by the handwritten mention "good for agreement". No administrative procedure will be carried out by UBIDOCA before the receipt of your duly validated estimate and your registered address contract.

15.00€ account opening fees are charged for each new registration. These costs remain acquired regardless of the outcome of the registered address.

The registered address service is granted and accepted for a minimum period of 3 months, tacitly renewable for a period of 3 months from the date of registration.

It may be dismissed by each of the parties without compensation at any time within 3 months by means of a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, subject to a notice period of 1 month.

The domiciliary undertakes to pay 3 months in advance (corresponding to the minimum commitment period). These fees are in no way refundable. If the administration refuses to accept a registration application, the 3 months advance fee paid to Ubidoca is not refunded.

2.4.4. Legal and administrative assistance

Legal and administrative services (other than those listed in the "Rates" page and billed in units) are the subject of a quote prepared by UBIDOCA that you must accept in writing before any service.

If within the framework of these services, a sending of mail is necessary, the expenses of the Post office are with your load. If copies are to be made, they will be charged extra.

2.4.5. Customers Calls

In case of receiving phone calls that are personally intended for you, you will be billed regardless of the number of calls received, as UBIDOCA is not intended to act as a switchboard for customers of its customers.

2.4.6. Message Transmission

When someone is trying to reach you and contacts UBIDOCA in this way (by phone or email), we will send you the message by email. This service will be charged.

2.4.6. Calls reception

Personal calls reception is reserved for customers who have subscribed to the service take your customer calls. If you are not a subscriber, each call will be charged 15 euros per call instead of 15 euros per month.

Article 3. Orders and regulations

3.1. Payment

Possible payment methods are:

Online payment is a secure process. UBIDOCA uses the 256-bit SSL communication protocol to encrypt all data exchanged with your machine. The SSL encrypted mode is active when the icon to the left of the URL address is green with a padlock.

All services ordered by the customer and shipping costs are payable in advance in a pre-paid account.

In case of payment by credit card, you are redirected to the Paypal website. Your UBIDOCA account is credited as soon as your payment has been made. If you make your payment online with a different email address than the one you entered when registering, your account will not be credited automatically.

If you make your payment by wire transfer, your Ubidoca pre-paid account will be credited as soon as Ubidoca's bank account is credited.

Payments by credit card (via Paypal) are subject to a commission when their amount is less than 50 euros.

The scale is applied as follows :

In the event of a credit card payment incident, your UBIDOCA account will be immediately closed. It can only be reactivated with a payment by wire transfer; once your Ubidoca account is reactivated, you will no longer be able to pay by credit card.

In case of payment in foreign currency, you will be charged a transaction fee if it has not been paid by your bank.

3.2. Practical arrangements

All started monthly plan is due in full. If you cancel your subscription during the month, it will not be refunded, regardless of the number of services provided by UBIDOCA during the month in question.

If you cancel your subscription during the month, and your balance is in credit, the excess received by UBIDOCA will be refunded to you upon express request. Balance refund is processed via Paypal for customers who have paid by credit card, and by wire transfer for customers who have paid by wire transfer. In this case, you will have to send us your bank details by email or by post.

When the balance of your UBIDOCA account is in debit, we continue to receive your mail but it is no longer scanned and put online in your Customer space. You are then notified by email of a "Mail not scanned due to insufficient balance" each time we receive mail for you. Since the forwarding of your mail cannot be carried out, an Unplanned mail storage will be charged to you. If your balance becomes negative when charging a mail scan in your Customer Space, mail cannot be viewed. You can unlock them by paying online by credit card or by wire transfer.

In case of extended debit balance, your account is suspended : your mail is no longer scanned or forwarded; parcels are no longer forwarded. Your monthly plan continues to be debited and a storage fee is charged. As soon as your account has been regularized, the processing of your mail and parcels will resume without delay.

You can change your plan during the month and select a higher one. However, if you wish to select a lower monthly plan, you can only do so at the end of the month.

3.3. Invoices

You can view your invoices for the last 12 months in your Customer Space. They are established in real time: as soon as a service is performed by UBIDOCA, they are reflected on your invoices.

Invoices issued by UBIDOCA must include an invoicing address in accordance with the law. You must therefore fill in this address in your Customer Space. Failing this, and after 3 reminders by email, a 5.00€ fee will be charged each week, until your situation is regularised.

The invoices drawn up by UBIDOCA must indicate the applicable VAT rate and amount. Invoices without VAT cannot be issued. In the case of an account opened by a company, you can give us your VAT number so that we can issue invoices without VAT.

Article 4. Termination of contract

4.1. Retractation

Pursuant to Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, you have a right of withdrawal. This right must be exercised within 7 days from the date of your registration on https://www.ubidoca.com/. When the 7-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public or non-working day, it is extended to the next working day.

To exercise this right, you must send us a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to: UBIDOCA, Customer Service, 78 allée primavera, Pringy, 74370 ANNECY, France.

4.2. Termination and suspension

4.2.1. Under UBIDOCA initiative

UBIDOCA reserves the right to terminate or suspend, by operation of law, an account opened on https://www.ubidoca.com/, without any right to compensation, in the event of a serious or renewed violation of one of the clauses of these GTCU.

UBIDOCA also reserves the right to terminate or suspend, by operation of law and without prior notice, a customer account by email:

If a customer whose account has been closed by UBIDOCA because of prolonged debit wants to reactivate his account, he must request it by email. A management fee will then be charged.

Furthermore, UBIDOCA also reserves the right to terminate or suspend, by operation of law and without prior notice, a customer account by email, in the event of civil or criminal legal proceedings (complaint, summons, motion, order, etc.) brought against it and involving (directly or indirectly) UBIDOCA, without having to justify itself and/or produce any evidence to the customer.

If necessary, UBIDOCA reserves the right to charge the customer as follows:

Finally, UBIDOCA reserves the right to take legal action against any client thus sued (regardless of the outcome of the initial legal proceedings) in case of financial and/or moral, direct or indirect damage suffered, in accordance with the laws in force.

Customer accounts that are inactive for 6 months, i. e. for which no scanning or re-delivery has been carried out and no invoiced services will be automatically and unilaterally closed by UBIDOCA. An account thus closed can be reactivated at the customer's request without losing the scanned mail in his Customer Space. An account closed for 6 months of inactivity that has not been reactivated at the customer's request after a further 6 months of inactivity will be cleared: scanned mail will be permanently deleted.

4.2.2. At your initiative

If you are a private customer, you can cancel your account at any time by email. As long as you have not terminated your account, we will continue to receive your mail and parcels and your package (+ any options) will continue to be charged to you.

No ex-post termination is accepted. You must regularize your account so that it can be closed. If your account is in credit, we will refund you on express request the too much collected except for the current monthly fee. Provisions for unused postal charges are also reimbursed upon request.

If you are a business customer, you can cancel your subscription by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, by phone or by email at least 1 month before deadline (please reffer to Article 2.4.4).

Article 5. Intellectual property

The entire site https://www.ubidoca.com/ is subject to international legislation on copyright, trademark law and, in general, on intellectual property, both as regards its form (choice, layout, layout of materials, means of access to data, organization of data.), as regards each of the elements of its content (texts, images, etc.). These contents, appearing on the pages of this site, are the exclusive property of UBIDOCA.

Any reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution, in whole or in part, of the content of this site on any medium or by any means whatsoever, as well as any sale, resale, retransmission or making available to third parties in any way whatsoever are prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement which may give rise to civil and criminal liability of the infringer.

Article 6. Personal information and confidentiality

6.1. Personal data

The personal information we collect is mandatory for the processing of the requested services. In the absence of opposition and for legitimate reasons, UBIDOCA is authorized, by express agreement, to keep them in computer memory, to use them, as well as to communicate them for the same purposes to the legal persons of its group, its insurers, or even to third parties or subcontractors for management purposes.

In accordance with the law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, you have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning you. The rights of access, rectification and opposition may be exercised with the management of UBIDOCA. All you need to do is send an email or a mail to UBIDOCA with your name, surname, and email address.

6.2. Confidential codes

You access your Customer Space by entering your login and password. These personal codes are strictly confidential.

It is your responsibility to ensure that these codes are kept and entered in a secure and confidential manner. You are solely responsible for the consequences of their disclosure or use by third parties.

6.3. Cookies

https://www.ubidoca.com/ may use cookies. A "cookie" records information about your computer's browsing on our site (pages you have visited, date and time of visit etc.).

We use cookies for the sole purpose of improving the personalized service provided to you. You can oppose the recording of "cookies" by configuring your browser personally.

6.4. Confidentiality

We guarantee you the strictest confidentiality.

Your contact details and addresses will not be communicated to any private or public body or individual (except in the case of an exception under point 6.1).

This confidentiality may be waived in the event of a visit to our premises by the gendarmerie, police or bailiffs with an enforceable title. It may also be lifted in the event of investigations and/or audits by the tax administration or in the event of ongoing or pending legal proceedings. Ubidoca is then obliged, as a registered company address approved by the Prefecture, to communicate all information in its possession concerning the client concerned. Under no circumstances will the latter be able to claim against Ubidoca for breach of the confidentiality of its data, mail and/or any other information concerning it and at the disposal of Ubidoca.

Article 7. Hypertext links

Hypertext links to other sites do not engage the responsibility of UBIDOCA, especially with regard to the content of these sites.

UBIDOCA is not responsible for hypertext links pointing to https://www.ubidoca.com/ and prohibits anyone from setting up such a link without their express and prior authorization.

Article 8. Practical information

8.1. Annual closure

UBIDOCA reserves the right to close its offices during the holiday season. You will be notified by email several days before closing. During this closure, your mail and parcels are stored in our Sorting Centre but are not processed (no scanning or forwarding). Registered mail are put in pending of sending until signature and treatment on our part (they are not returned to the sender).

Article 9. Liability

The UBIDOCA services are in accordance with the French legislation in force.

UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for elements beyond its control and for any damage that may be suffered by the technical environment of the users and in particular, computers, software, network equipment (modems, telephones...) and any equipment used to access the site https://www.ubidoca.com/ and use our services.

UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for the suspension of its services in the event of force majeure, particularly in case of interruption of the service linked to the transport and storage of information or to your computer system.

Similarly, UBIDOCA shall not be held liable for any consequences of a security defect (hardware or software) in the connection terminal (computers, mobile phones, etc.) of users of https://www.ubidoca.com/.

UBIDOCA declines all responsibility in the event of interruption or failure of EDF-GDF services, the French and foreign Post Office, our host or the Internet network.

UBIDOCA declines all responsibility for any violation of the SSL system of our site https://www.ubidoca.com/, technical problems on your consultation tool or your failure, of any kind whatsoever, making your scanned mail accessible by third parties.

UBIDOCA declines any responsibility in case of violation of your confidentiality following a technical failure linked to a case of force majeure beyond its control.

In order to be able to view your scanned mail in your Customer Space, you must have a consultation tool that can display HTML pages, manage the SSL protocol, and manage the standard connection mechanism with login and password stored in session. Otherwise, UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for your inability to access the scanned documents.

In some countries that still practice censorship on the Internet (such as China or Morocco), it may be difficult, if not impossible, to access the Secure Customer Space. UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for such connection difficulties. A special subscription has been set up by UBIDOCA to allow customers affected by this censorship, or any customer who wishes to do so, to receive - after express agreement - their scanned mail by email as a ZIP file (zip file).

Since UBIDOCA is dependent on the postal services, it cannot be held responsible for any incidents (slow delivery, deterioration, loss, etc.). UBIDOCA declines all responsibility in the event of a postal services strike (French and foreign) or any other technical or human event of an exceptional nature slowing down or preventing the forwarding of your original mail.

In the case of mail or parcels with tracking, UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for failures in the tracking systems of the Post Office or private carriers. Likewise, UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for errors / omissions of the Post Office (failure to flash, prolonged storage of mail to be delivered on their premises, late delivery, errors in the delivery of mail, and...).

UBIDOCA declines all responsibility for the storage of parcels containing perishable goods. UBIDOCA cannot be held responsible for the lengthening of delivery times following the retention of a parcel by French or foreign customs or by a private carrier. Similarly, Ubidoca declines any responsibility in case of customs control of a parcel; in this case, a specific adhesive tape informs you that the parcel has been opened and stamped by customs.

UBIDOCA declines all responsibility in case of prolonged debit balance of the customer having had as a consequence an interruption in the scanning of their mail. It is the customer's responsibility to regularly fund their account in order to avoid suspension of our services. It is also incumbent on them to consult their e-mail regularly (particularly professional customers under a domiciliation contrat who must consult their mail at least every 3 months according to the law). Under no circumstances can UBIDOCA be held responsible for a late reading of a scanned mail.

Article 10. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

UBIDOCA's customers are deemed to buy in France and are therefore subject to French law. Any order placed on https://www.ubidoca.com/ is subject to the French law in force.

In the event of a dispute, only the French courts will be competent.

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