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Are you planning a world tour or a trip of several months to discover new horizons ? It is a bold adventure that you may only experience once in your life.

But before leaving for your trip, there are many details you need to consider : preparing an itinerary, renewing your passport, obtaining visas, calculating your budget, managing your mail in France.

We are specialized in the management of travellers' postal mail. Our mission is to assist globe trotters and all kind of travellers (leisure travellers, motorhomes and business travellers, etc.).

We offer you a mail forwarding service specifically designed for great travellers :

What is the best way for a traveller to prepare a world tour ? How to better manage your postal mail ?

Before you leave, you may certainly ask yourself : How do I manage my mail while I am away ? What will happen to my outstanding invoices ? How do I continue to manage my business from France ?

There are several methods for a traveller to receive mail during a trip :

Why choosing UBIDOCA ?

Let us manage your mail during your trip, that's our job.

Whatever the unexpected event you encounter during your trip, we are at your disposal to assist you by phone or by email.

How does it work ? Wherever you are in the world, have your mail forwarded to us during your trip. It is received and processed the same day according to your instructions. Consult it online without delay and in complete security.

Need help ? If you have any question or request regarding a mail, we are at your disposal to answer you. We are here to assist you : that is the aim of the letter A in UBIDOCA.

Feel free to contact us for personalized assistance before or during your trip : in addition to processing your mail, we provide you with a wide range of administrative services on request.

Do not hesitate to test our free trial offer before you leave.

Have a nice trip !

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