Confidential Management of your Mail

Do you wish to receive your mail under a pseudonym at a post office box so that your correspondents do not know your real identity or your personal address ?

UBIDOCA can help you to remain anonymous, whether you are an artist, a freelance professional working from home, an association manager, a webmaster, a businessman, a sportsman, or just a private individual.

Your confidentiality remains absolute

Even more confidentiality ?

You do not want your mail to be systematically opened and uploaded in your Customer Space ? Choose our Envelope scan service : only your envelopes are scanned. It is then up to you to select the ones you want to be opened and uploaded in your Customer Space.

You can activate the Banking secret option. Your bank mail (if well identifiable) are neither opened nor scanned.

Do you need a Simple Forwarding service ? Your mail are received in our premises without opening nor scanning and forwarded to you according to the frequency of your choice (every day, once a week, every 2 weeks, once a month).

You do not want to receive your original mail ? With the Monthly Destruction option, your mail is destroyed (with your written permission) one month after it is received.

How to use our services ?

  1. Register online on our website (indicating your pseudonym in the "need" section), then order the monthly plan that suits you.
  2. You instantly receive your Ubidoca address, the address to which you must have your mail forwarded.
  3. To check your mail, simply login to your personal and secure Customer Space, using your username and password.
  4. Each time a new mail is received or uploaded in your Customer Space, you receive a notification by email.

More services ?

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